'10 Lavendar Farms, Maui
'09 California Adventureland
'07 Iao Valley

How We Met

Glenn will tell you that he took me on a nice intimate dinner for our first "date." The truth is that we happened to be on the same Ireland Contiki tour, and we happened to sit next to each other at the first tour-provided dinner.

As it was my post-university trip, I was ready to party and asked the table "who has the most fun?" The table unanimously pointed to the cute guy on my right, Glenn. And that is how it began. Seven days into our trip we knew there was spark. After a fellow traveler's recommendation, we planned to continue our journey with a three-week adventure to Greece and Egypt. The decision was finalized at an Irish pub wherein following a number of tequilas (my first ever) we called my mother. Ral asked Glenn, "Will you take good care of my daughter?" to which Glenn responded, "no worries."

We have had amazing adventures together ever since...

Us in Ireland; the Great Pyramids; Luxor Temple, a local did a "love ritual" for us that had to end with a kiss...I guess it worked.

The Proposal

I had already been dubbed the "woody" (as in a woodpecker who pecks a subject to pieces). So, Glenn's mission was to somehow find a way to surprise me with a proposal. I'm happy to say that he succeeded.

January 14th, we were on Maui with my family including my Aunt Tina and Uncle Tom. A Fed-Ex packaged arrived in the afternoon, and I anxiously retrieved it from my family. Anticipating something special, I was rearing to go when Glenn suggested we go to a restaurant for cocktails. I asked him if he wanted to go to happy hour or a nicer bar on the beach (thinking the beach would be more romantic). Glenn quickly shut me down, "Brittana, I have nothing with me." I knew I had obviously misread the situation.

Later that night, after a meal of leftover chicken, the family was sitting at the outdoor dining table. (Mind you, I was in my sweats, barely any makeup and had my glasses on...).  One second I was laughing with my family, and the next I heard an "uh-hmm" behind me. I turned around to see Glenn on one knee asking me to marry him. To which my quick reply was, of course, "no worries."

Mom & Glenn celebrating; Glenn & I celebrating with shots of tequila...after all, that's how it started; my reaction to a shot of tequila.

The Plan

Not only is Maui where my parents spend their winters, but it's also the half-way point between Alaska (& the lower 48) and Australia.  So, we're inviting 60 of our closest friends and family to help us celebrate!

We invited a total of 76 people (not including the courtesy invites to elderly relatives we knew were unable to travel), and 48 have purchased tickets!